Shenberger Technology combines a wide array of IT professional skill sets and investigative experience to provide expert guidance and services to our clients. With more than 30 years of combined Private Sector, State and Federal law enforcement experience in Information, Personnel and Physical Security, Shenberger Technology can bring a depth of experience and knowledge to complex situations and problems which arise from simply doing business in today’s interconnected environment. Our specialized and trained team can provide forensic acquisition of computer or mobile devices and subsequent eDiscovery and coordination with legal teams.

Shenberger Technology also works with many businesses who need to understand and assess their current cyber security posture, develop policies and procedures to mitigate the risks associated with doing business via the web, and/or comply with third party supplier agreements.

In addition our expert developers have created custom applications and web applications for internal corporate use as well as public applications that are used by thousands of enterprise customers, including several Fortune 500 firms. We provide unique, customized interfaces for your data management needs.


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