Get Forensic Access to Protected Data

ElcomSoft offers a comprehensive range of tools for unlocking access to many types of data, recovering passwords and decrypting encrypted files and volumes. The company’s range of mobile forensic products enable forensically sound extraction of evidence from a wide range of smartphones and cloud services.

Cloud Forensics Made Easy

Digital forensics is quickly moving into the cloud. ElcomSoft is the leading provider of tools for cloud forensics. Customers can obtain valuable data and evidence from various cloud services such as Apple iCloud, Google and Microsoft Accounts. Our tools offer quick download, analysis and reporting with convenient searching and filtering. ElcomSoft cloud forensic tools are fast and lightweight, offer a quick learning curve and easy usage experience.

Mobile Forensics Kit

Elcomsoft mobile forensic technologies allow accessing valuable information contained in a range of popular mobile devices and smartphones. Our mobile forensic tools can be used to acquire the entire contents of a smartphone in real-time by using physical, logical, or cloud acquisition methods. Combining these methods, experts can collect a greater set of evidence compared to using any single method alone.